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Meet Matt McGovern—Author, Editor, Web Developer, Book Designer, Consultant, Project Manager . . . and More!


Matt McGovern combines a rare blend of creative and technical expertise with years of hands-on project management and consulting know how. He has more than 20 years of experience in a range of fields including writing, editing, Web design and development, marketing, business development, book/e-book design, self-publishing, project management, consulting, and speaker/program support.

He has programmed and designed numerous Web sites; has authored, edited, and designed a variety of books, e-books, articles, and newsletters; routinely provides marketing and Web consultation by phone, email, or in-person; and is a certified teleclass leader.

Addressing Small Business Needs
In 2000, after more than 14 years in small- to medium-sized corporate environments, Matt founded 700acres Small Business Services specifically to offer small businesses and solo professionals like him access to the range of services and skills necessary to enjoy greater success and to stay ahead of the competition.

Corporate Experience
Prior to founding 700acres, Matt held positions of Newspaper Editor, Newsletter Editor and Publisher, News Photographer, PR Photographer, Community Relations Associate, Marketing Consultant and Writer, Marketing and Business Development Manager, Director of Marketing, Director of Contract Management and Network Development, and Director of Web Design and Implementation for several organizations, both in the for-profit and the not-for-profit sectors. During this time, Matt earned national recognition with his colleagues for several marketing and communications initiatives.

Personal Interests
Matt's pastimes include sketching, writing poetry and song lyrics, freshwater and saltwater fishing, digging clams, fishing for lobster, digital photography, SCUBA diving, snorkeling, being outdoors, reading, talking politics and philosophy, woodworking, gardening, listening to music, and travel with his family.

Born and raised in Maine, Matt proudly calls himself a native. He
lives in Buxton with his wife of 21 years and their two children, a son and daughter.

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Meet Matt McGovern—Author, Editor, Web Developer, Book Designer, Consultant, Project Manager . . . and More!

"Matt is a great partner
to work with. He delivers
high quality work in a
timely fashion."

—Steven Bacharach, Psy.D.,
On The MARConsulting


There's More!
Matt McGovern has authored several short stories, including most recently, "The Promise" and "Closure." His first novel, Currents—Every Life Leaves an Imprint, is thought-provoking fiction published in 2004.


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