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Your Hands-on Creative, Technical, and Planning Partner.


In-person or "virtually" by phone or email, Matt McGovern provides the structure, support, and technical and creative know how you need to remain positive, proactive, and purposeful about your business.

Whether you want to write a book or an article, develop a Web site, or simply need to talk through a strategy for communicating with your target audience, Matt makes the process fun and engaging—not a source of stress or anxiety.

With Matt, you immediately gain access to more than 20 years of proven writing, editing, Web development, marketing, and project management experience and expertise.

He provides a reliable, knowledgeable, and trustworthy focal point you can turn to for answers and assistance on a regular basis, or whenever technical or creative challenges arise.

Working with Matt . . .

  • You can count on a quality job and high value,
  • You can count on his full attention, and
  • You know you will be treated fairly and honestly.

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Working with Matt McGovern - Your Hands-on Creative, Technical, and Planning Partner

"I highly recommend Matt
for being very talented, creative, easy to work with, and, perhaps most important, totally honest."

—Nancy Quinn, Executive Coach


What's in a Name?
The "700 Acres" is a centuries-old reference to the area of Buxton, Maine in which Matt lives and works. The name connotes longstanding, continuity, and harkens back to days when handshakes consummated deals. It is with this in mind that Matt partners with other small business owners to share with them his skills and knowledge in ways that are personally and professionally rewarding, and that are consistent with his values of hard work and honest communication.


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