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Detangling the Web: The Small Business Owner's Guide to Building a Successful Web Site
Packed with easy-to-understand information and exercises and activities to help you pull together the content and strategy you need to launch a successful Web presence, Matt McGovern's new e-book offers  thousands of dollars of Web consulting value for just a fraction of the cost. Detangling the Web features a straightforward discussion on "who's who" when it comes to Web development, definitions of common Web terms, and Matt's proven approach to building or enhancing a Web site—all in an easy to read, step-by-step format that features more than a dozen work sheets, resource lists, and more! available soon



CURRENTS—Every Life Leaves an Imprint (ISBN 0-9749445-4-8)
Intense, thought-provoking fiction by Matt McGovern that leads you on the path to personal discovery as you confront the sometimes heartrending realities of everyday life, the inevitability of death, and uncertainties about what lies beyond. Readers call CURRENTS "uplifting," "insightful," "thought-provoking," "inspirational," and a "wonderful read."  read more


FREE Articles

Enjoy these articles by Matt McGovern. They have previously appeared in newsletters, e-zines, and other online venues.

Your Home Office: Big Fish, Small Pond
In this age of the Internet, don't forget your often most-fertile marketing territory—your own backyard!

Seven Low-cost, No-cost Marketing Ideas
Seven low-cost, no-cost ideas small businesses and solo professionals can put to use right away.

My Path to Self-publishing
Here's how and why Matt McGovern took this once-traditional path to publishing.

Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses
Large companies often dedicate entire departments to customer service. How can small businesses or solo-professionals compete?

Four Marketing Musts
Get a bigger "bang" for your time and efforts by integrating these four marketing fundamentals.

Create a Marketing Routine
Without routine built around your marketing, you're likely to lose.


FREE Short Stories

Each one of us has a creative side, and one of Matt's creative outlets is writing fiction. Here are three of his short stories for your reading enjoyment. (PDF format—Adobe Reader required.)

The Promise
The tragic fulfillment of a well-intended promise between a young bride and groom.

Four friends grow up to do amazing things, lead remarkable lives, and discover that even the most benign of wishes can go awry.

The White Deer
Seeking refuge on a remote island, Randall Pierce realizes that even four miles of sea can't stop the world from intruding.



E-books, Books, Free Articles, and Stories by Matt McGovern

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