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Matt McGovern's Book and E-Book Writing and Design Services.


Are you determined to pull together that long-thought of book, e-book, or manuscript that's been "simmering way down deep" all these years? Are you looking for a method that allows you to deliver—and sell—your knowledge and expertise more affordably and to a wider audience?

Matt McGovern assists with all areas of the self-published book, workbook, and e-Book writing, design, and production process:

  • Planning and idea generation
  • Writing/ghost-writing
  • Editing
  • Designing
  • Formatting and layout
  • Creation of Adobe PDF documents for digital printing or downloadable digital files
  • Print project management
  • Online sales and marketing strategies, from shopping cart set-up to low-cost/no-cost e-Marketing ideas

Advances in online technology and digital printing have made professionally produced books, workbooks, and/or e-books financially viable for most small business owners and solo-professionals. Now you, too, can turn your ideas into a passive income stream.

Afraid that you've got nothing to write about, nothing to say?

Don't let that hold you back!

  • Matt can help you "pan for gold" by transforming existing program materials, newsletters, or other sources of information and inspiration into a book or e-Book.
  • Or simply work with Matt to determine if your business and what you have to offer lends itself to a book, e-Book, e-workbook, or "how-to" manual.

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Matt McGovern's Book and E-Book Writing and Design Services

"It was no surprise when I needed someone to take charge of getting my first book self-published that I was able to turn to Matt knowing it would be done right. Following that success, when it came time for my next publication (an e-book) I did not hesitate to engage Matt's services again." — Doug Leland, Executive Coach


Click thumbnails below for sample pages of Matt's book/ e-book work. For prospective clients, references are readily provided upon request.


Doug Leland's Somewhere Between Here and There (self-published book)

Somewhere Between Here and There by Doug Leland

Debra Valle's Selling the Brand When It's You (e-book & workbook)

Selling the Brand by Debra Valle

Matt McGovern's CURRENTS-Every Life Leaves an Imprint (self-published book)

Currents by Matt McGovern

Doug Leland's Alone on the Allagash (e-book)

Alone on the Allagash by Doug Leland

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