Big Fish, Small Pond

Does the Internet have you feeling like a small fish in a big pond?

Do you have a great product or service that’s being lost within the information overload of the World Wide Web?

If so, don’t forget your often most-fertile marketing territory—your own backyard!

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Seven Low-cost, No-cost Marketing Ideas

For marketing to be effective—especially for small businesses and professionals—it’s something you need to be able to afford, time-wise and resource-wise. You might develop the most effective plan, but if you can’t implement it because it’s too costly, or because you don’t have the time to commit to it, then it will fail.

That said, here are seven low-cost, no-cost marketing ideas you can put to use right away:

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Customer Service Tips for Small Businesses

We hear it all the time about big companies, and most likely we have professed a few of the same sentiments ourselves: “They’ve gotten too big to care about individual customers,” “Personalized service is a thing of the past,” and “If you get mad and go away, there will always be another customer right around the corner.”

Perhaps—but I like to think that no matter how big or small, a company’s first priority is to satisfy its customers.

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My Path to Self-publishing

In 2004, I completed my first novel—a 180-page fictional account of a personal journey of discovery in which an individual contemplates the meaning of life and death. Writing this book was both a therapeutic exercise for me—allowing me to explore my own questions and thoughts on the subject matter—plus a bit of a business venture.

Could I actually publish a book and generate a passive income stream?

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